What is Social Greatness?

Social Greatness (n):

What you have when you contribute to the world through your greatest passions and abilities. 

Social Media

Are you stressed out over the constant changes happening with social media trends? Let me design an easy to maintain strategic plan to help you maximize your outreach and bring in more of your ideal customers.


Is your brand looking a bit out dated and dull? Together, we can redesign your brand and create a marketing plan specific to your businesses goals. Complete with a relaunch party for your business, where the media will swarm!

 Meet Katee

  Your Lead Strategist 

Katee is an eternal optimist who has a passion for helping others live life to the fullest. She believes that with every failure, there is the opportunity to grow. She knows that with faith, trust, and pixie dust (AKA hard work), you can achieve greatness in whatever it is you put your mind to. 

She is a servant leader who strives to help her clients achieve their goals to produce results!

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Client Gratitude

“It means so much to me to have the opportunity to work with incredible individuals, like Lauren, in such a personal way. Their brand is their baby, and I am honored and privileged to help them create a strategy for it’s greatness.” – Katee

Client Reviews

It’s my mission to help make business owners feel great!

Katee is super friendly and easy to talk to! You’ll not only enjoy working with her but you’ll also learn alot, get direction and confidence in your Instagram marketing. She makes things simple and step by step.


Owner, KrissyG.com

I’ve just had the time to sit down and go through your email – you’re seriously awesome! You rock at this! You’ve given me direction, instructions and above all else you’ve made it seem ‘doable’. You’re the best! I’m sitting down tonight and I’m going to start my plans!!


Owner, Lip Lip Lip Balm

Katee!!! I just read through everything. It’s amazing. I’m printing it out and hanging portions on my wall above my computer. And the rest goes in my journal!

Sharon Hughes

Owner/Speaker, Launch Your Creativity

Are you ready for Social Greatness?

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