Getting organized is one of the major keys to staying on track with your business goals! There are so many tools floating around out there to help that choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Well, I’m here to help by giving you a little behind-the-scenes peak at how I organize my business and a look at my favorite tools that keep me on track.

First things first! Get your client intake system set up.

This will help to make sure you have a solid contract in place, that you get paid on time, and will help you manage potential new leads. Want to be able to do all of this all in one place? Of course you do. It’s every freelancers dream come true! I mean, who doesn’t want life to be a little easier with a few less tools to manage? Well, check out Dubsado. You can set up your first three clients without any charge, so you can make sure it really works best for you.

Do you tend to get a little overwhelmed when figuring out new softwares? UGH TECHNOLOGY!

Well, have no fear! A great perk of utilizing Dubsado is that it has great tutorial videos that help walk you through the whole set-up process. There are ways to create multiple templates for anything from standard emails to invoicing, contracts, surveys, etc.

Dubsado integrates nicely with PayPal, Stripe, and Square and tracks the status sent invoices. You can set up ongoing invoices for any clients that need to pay you monthly and it’s all neatly organized into a simply packaged, user friendly site. Also, if you have clients that require detailed time tracking, Dubsado is in the beta testing phase of its new time tracker as well, which can add the hours directly to your invoices.

My favorite tool to use is definitely Asana. I have a small team that works with me, and I find Asana is the best way to communicate with them to keep them on track. It’s easy to set up to-do lists, sub-tasks, boards for different projects, and boards that are only available to certain team members based on how involved they are and what they may need access to.

This tool has also helped me to create great workflows for my clients.

Having the structure and ease of use across different projects and teams is the best feature of Asana. This saves time and energy instead of having to dig through hundreds of emails looking for particular things, while also being able to move amongst projects as fluidly as I need to when things arise.

Finally, ConvertKit. Oh, ConvertKit, how I love you so. ConvertKit makes funnel marketing with freebies and emails easy peasy. It helps to set up funnels with catchy freebies or promotional opportunities in order to build your email list. With this system, you can easily set up a Welcome sequence with a set-it-and-forget-it mindset. Once you have your new groupies welcomed and integrated into your crew, they flow easily into your newsletter and email outreach efforts.

What’s your biggest pain point in your workflows? Is there a software that you’d like to know more about?

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