Your energy moves through the universe and comes back to you. Maintaining an overall positive outlook brings you energy, ultimately benefiting both you and your business. Having a positive attitude means more than remaining positive in the things you post on social media, it means looking inward and finding things that bring you joy, sharing that with the world, and remaining uplifting and authentic in your branding.

Let’s look at some ways we can turn those frowns upside down in order to bring some positivity to you, to your business, and to the world!

1 | Write down everything you’re grateful for.

No matter how big or small it seems, write down each and every thing that you are grateful for. Take two to five minutes to do this. Once you’ve made your list, place it somewhere that’s easy for you to see throughout your day. Reminding yourself of what you have to be grateful for is really helpful during a time of stress or frustration. Enjoy the journey of growing your business and yourself! Remaining grateful can help you enjoy the journey and process of live and business.

2 | Find your silver lining.

Bad things are going to happen. Rainy days come when you’ve planned big events. Computers crash at utterly inconvenient times. Maybe you hit one too many red lights and you’re running late for a meeting.

Bad days come. We all have them, but what matters is how you respond to those bad days. Look for what may come of the hiccups in your day; can you see how you may have avoided something worse or, better yet, how something really good may come of the struggle? When one door closes, another door opens; find that new door and move through it confidently!

3 | Enlist a positivity accountability partner.

Find your biz bestie, or just call your bestie. Are you having a bad day? Pick up the phone and call that one person who knows how to give you a little perspective; the one person who can point out the silver lining when it may be a little out of site for you.

Having this person on call when you need them will help train your mind to remain in that positive perspective and look for new angles from which to analyze a situation.

4 | Pick up a good book.

There are plenty of books out there that can give you a boost of energy or help you think through things (I mean, look at me, I talk about She Means Business by Carrie Green ALL. THE. TIME… it’s life changing. Read it.). Find new books, or grab a tried-and-true favorite, that you’re excited about reading and that challenges your thought process.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read, try audio books. These can be really great to listen to while you work on other stuff. While I wasn’t huge on the content in Amy Pohler’s Yes Please book, listening to her read it in Audible was amazing!

5 | Golden Rule: Feeling down? MEDITATE!

Taking 3 to 10 minutes to clear your mind and just breathe can help you way beyond your wildest dreams. A few months ago, I had a friend who was spinning multiple plates and each felt like each was about to come crashing down. With stress piling up, she called me panicking or in tears almost every day. I kept encouraging her to meditate. However, all she could come back to me with was, “that’s just not for me.” But, she’d never really given it a chance.

Two months later, she meditates every day. Her business is thriving. She’s much more at peace with her life and where her path is going. Meditation can truly revitalize your mental state and actually give you mental space to actually take on more.

6 | Listen to motivational podcasts.

There are SO MANY podcasts out there now. It seems that everyone you see, follow, or know is creating a podcast, which means that there are plenty out there for you to listen to. Having positive things around you will keep positive energy flowing into and out of you. It’ll be more energizing for you and will help you keep your chin held higher.

Here are some I recommend checking out:

7 | Exercise. GET OUTSIDE.

You hear it everywhere. You see it everywhere. You might even see people running down the street and think to yourself, “I should be exercising.” Here’s the thing: you have one life. Your body is your one vessel for moving through this life. TAKE. CARE. OF. IT. The great thing about exercising, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, is that you release endorphins. So, if you squeeze in a little time to take care of your vessel in the morning, those endorphins can carry you through the day to make you feel better and have more energy ALL day long. What cup of coffee can do that?

Another option, which is something I’ve been really enjoying lately, is going for a walk. Get outside. It’s scientifically proven that being in nature boosts your level of happiness. Take a 30-minute walk, pop in your headphones to listen to one of those podcasts, and enjoy the beautiful world that’s around you. You’ll be surprised how much this really lifts your spirits and desires to get work done.

8 | Send a thank you note.

You didn’t get to where you are on your own. Take a moment to write a list of people who have some how helped you along the way. Write them a thank you note. Not only will you make their day, but reminding yourself to be grateful for the people and things in your life will always help you be more positive.

9 | Eliminate things that bring negativity into your life.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this tip is social media. I’m not saying cut social media out of your life (obviously, I’m a social strategist . . . I love social media). However, it can be really important to liberate yourself with the unfollow button. No matter the platform, make sure you are curating a feed into your life that lifts you up, not one that brings you down.

10 | Embrace platonic intimacy.

Give someone a hug. See someone who’s down? Give them a high five. Share a compliment. Physical touch is something that feeds into your mental energy. It’s proven that if you hug someone for 20 seconds, then your brain releases a flood of oxytocin. Oxytocin is considered the “bonding hormone” or the “happy hormone.” Research shows that it inspires connection and reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. One simple gesture can help you take care of your vessel and lift your happiness level. What could be better?

Which of these tips speaks to you most?

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