Social media seems to be that daunting thing that all business, large or small, struggles with. How to execute effectively and allow for planning ahead. Crazy enough, it gets even harder when talking about a service based business, but you knew that! It’s so hard to feel like you have anything to share or serve people with as these platforms become more and more visual but there’s no product to showcase.

Have no fear because this month, I want to introduce you to this incredible tool that I use to market my service based business on social media – PLANN! This tool is so incredible and has been an absolute lifesaver in figuring out Instagram. How? Well, Plann is very much an all-in-one app that helps with planning, scheduling, and analytics.

Social media is really all about the lifestyle of who you are marketing to and showing them what their life will look like once they hire YOU. With that, there are plenty of ways to utilize consistent branding, photos by you or stock, and beautiful storytelling in the captions of these posts that will captivate, cultivate and grow your audience!

With Instagram being one of the fastest growing platforms in history, regardless of what type of business you own, it’s highly likely that the demographic you are striving to reach is there. It’s just a matter of knowing them, what they look for, other brands and influencers they interact with, and how to talk to them in order to find them and effectively communicate to them.

There are three key things to think about with Instagram that and these are all things that Plann can really help with: consistency, authenticity, and organization.

Consistency – With Plann, you’re able to see how images look in the grid and on their own. This can let you see how each image fits into your overall brand message and opens up a window to make sure that you are consistent in that story.

Authenticity – Coming up with captions and the right hashtags can be overwhelming. However, if you stay true to yourself, your story will resonate better with the audience because it will be more authentic. Once you choose the hashtags that you want to target based on analytics and research, Plann can save them and make it easy to add to any post.

Organization – By planning ahead and getting organized with what will go out by at least a week in advance, this releases a lot of anxiety that comes when posting in the moment and opens up more time during the week that is wasted on debating what to do and post.

Taking advantage of the capabilities that tools like Plann offer for service and product based businesses give you the leg up on the competition and a chance to serve your audience to build their trust and build those sales.

Take a moment to hear all this greatness from Christy Laurence, the creator of Plann, herself! Are you ready to give it a shot? Then, let’s go for it!

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